Yellow Beanie finished

Hurrah I finally finished the yellow beanie with the traveling rib pattern. It is so soft and worked out really well. I am thinking of keeping it for myself, but who knows by the time it is cool enough to wear a beanie again, I may just be moved to give it away. Oh and of course, I immediately started another beanie. See them both below.

Yellow beanie

Yellow beanie

Jimmie beanie

Jimmie beanie

As you see this last one is orange and black, Go Jimmies. I am speaking of my Alma Mater Jamestown College now known as the University of Jamestown. Everyone in the family who attended there graduated from good old JC, but now Paulina will be starting at the U of J in the fall. Progress does not always go along with the old memories, but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy the new blog and post. I will be trying to stick to putting my crafting world on this blog and my religion and just talking about life posts back on the good old,

Have a great day!!


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