What next

Just wanted to share a couple of crafts that I have started, but not nearly completed. The first is a knitting project that I believe has gotten out of hand. I am not sure where to quit with this, and I really don’t want to take it apart. I am thinking that I will pick a color or two and run side strips and crochet them together. Not sure what this will end up as. I was hoping to turn it into a baby blanket, but we will see.

Log cabin knitting block

Log cabin knitting block

The following is the beginning of a rug made of t-shirts. So far, I have only used the cut off sleeves of Paulina’s sports t-shirts. I was planning to make this rug for her dorm room. Needless to say, she and James went out and bought her a small carpet for her sophomore year. Not sure what happened when she was a freshman. I am hoping to have this finished before she is a senior citizen and moving into a health care facility. I guess by then she won’t be allowed a rug so that she doesn’t trip and fall on it, which could in turn give her a broken leg or hip or such. I am not trying to joke about senior citizens. I am one for goodness sakes. I am trying to make a funny about how long it takes me to get anything finished. Good thing for the beanie pattern that I learned. At least I have a stack of those finished, now just to give them away.

T-shirt rug and yarn to work on it.

T-shirt rug and yarn to work on it.


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