Another Jimmie beanie

Today on the way to Bismarck as my Aunt Glenda was driving, I decided to do some knitting. I do my best work in the passenger seat of a car. I get so tired of hearing about how it is environmentally better to ride public transportation. Believe me if I could do that on all my trips I would. We don’t have such a thing in this area, unless you count the county bus (which is more like a large minivan) that goes here and there on special occasions or every now and then. I mean a regular bus that you could set your schedule around. Oh well, complain, complain. In the Heartland of the country we have grown to be independent. It is now part of our genetic modification. Those who couldn’t handle being that independent homesteaded their land, sold it and moved back east before the calendar hit 1900. Those of us who are here now, and were here at birth are from a stock that was as tough as the summer winds and as ornery as the coyotes and buffalo that roamed here many years ago. Anyway, not the day for a history lesson.

The craft project was to finish the black and orange beanie. It is done in Jimmie, as in University of Jamestown colors. If any of the Alumni want it, they need to be the first to post a “call it” on this site. If no alumni claim it, I may just send it off to the newest Jimmie basketball player, but we shall see. Oh and the last picture is the one on the needles now. I am hoping the weird color combination works out ok. I am thinking that I had so much fun with the traveling rib patter on the yellow beanie, I will do it with this one too. Happy knitting.

Jimmie beanie

Jimmie beanie

New smoky orange beanie just started.

New smoky orange beanie just started.


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