Baby tutu

I won’t even try to pass this off as my project. This was Paulina’s idea totally, and she did the tying. I, though, did the cutting and the purchasing and the sewing of the elastic. I guess that makes it enough for me to be able to post it on my blog. Ha!! This is the tutu that Aunt and Grandma made for Ana.

Ana in her tutu

Ana in her tutu

First we started with blue tulle.

Light blue tulle

Light blue tulle

Paulina now thinks we should have cut the strips longer. We went as long as the material was wide and about six inches in width. Then I folded the strip in half and cut it then in half again. It was a bit over 12 inches per strip. If we had gone just 12 inches, we would have had some weird three-inch left over piece. The finished tutu is short on Ana, but I like it better than those really long ones. Paulina does not, so she wants to try another one at a longer length. I am thinking she does the cutting next time. Ha!!

Finished tutu

Finished tutu

I don’t think she cared much for it, but we tried it on when she first walked in the door after a nearly four-hour drive. She didn’t even want to have me touch her let alone put on an article of clothing that was strange and maybe even a bit scratchy. All she wanted to do was look at her mother. I guess maybe at a later time it will be more fun to wear. Catch you next time!!


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