More on the church quilts

Quilt that might be raffled

Quilt that might be raffled

I thought it was time to post an update on the quilts we made at church. We have nearly finished our work for the year. We ended up doing 11 quilts. I am not quite sure where they will end up hopefully with someone who needs and is happy to have them.  We may want to raffle the one pictured off to the left. I really like how it has turned out.

Bambi quilt

Bambi quilt

We all think this Bambi themed quilt is just too cute. The picture on the bottom is the backside, and I am guessing the blocks on the top were made from another version of the set of sheets. Our church secretary took the time to put the back together as close as possible to matching up fairly well.



Not much else to explain on these quilts. We tied them, or at least we will be tying this one soon. There is a wonderful short drama by Susan Glaspel set in 1916. I just found out it is part of the public domain. My students in Jud did it as a contest play many years ago. It is a murder mystery and the men can’t figure out the motive for the killing, but they are sure the wife killed her husband. They refuse to look at any of the evidence that the women have found, which they consider to be mere trifles. As it turns out they find some sewing items with the motive wrapped up in the quilt pieces and in the end they ask if the lady being charged with murdering her husband was going to quilt it or knot it? She was going to knot it and that is the answer to the drama question. I learned at a workshop many years ago that all good dramas answer a question. When you figure out the question as a cast, you are then able to perform the drama correctly. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the quilt pictures.


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