Works in progress, 2-5-16



I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that I have learned how to do the yarn over (yo) method of adding stitches. One of my big goals a couple of years ago was to learn increase and decrease more efficiently and the correct way. To finally have this method mastered is way exciting for me. I can’t even tell you where I went to find a tutorial except that I was in Pinterest and wrote knitting yarn over in the search area, and viola! The tutorial was great and I had it in no time flat. I realize these dishcloths are supposed to be with cotton thread/yarn, but I only have acrylic at the time, and I just want to practice. I used up all of an old ball of gray so decided that would be the place to start the decrease. The pattern I am following says go until you have 45 stitches. I was only on 35 stitches, but for a practice one this will do. I am most excited to know about how the yarn over increase method leaves the little space, and so I should now be able to make some of the fancier looking shawl patterns that I have pinned for myself. Yippee!!

Rag rug

Rag rug

Next item to show, again in the gray and white tones, is the crochet rug that I have been working on for a couple of years. I am planning to give this to Paulina if I ever get it finished. I watched a video tutorial this morning of how to use your ironing board to cut a T-shirt in one long continuous t-rope for this sort of crochet. I had to laugh because this rug is being made from the sleeves of t-shirts that Paulina converted into the cutout shirts that she and other teenagers would create to wear during athletic practices. Any of you with young athletes know exactly what I mean. I was always pretty argumentative with Paulina about her shirts and said she could not cut the holes so large that everything was exposed and I usually forbid her to toss the cut out sleeves. I have all of them cut and rolled into balls waiting to be crocheted into this rug. My big issue is sewing the ends together. Oh well, one of these days. Perhaps I will have to hand stitch them as I cannot get the machine to work on this type of material. I am thinking the problem is the needle I have in the machine.

So what is the latest, most fun thing you have been creating????

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