Dishcloth finished

Dishcloth #1

Dishcloth #1

While we were at Jessica’s place on Friday night, I finished up this dishcloth. It looks like the white is dirty towards the end, but it was really just a yarn change and a bit different color. I washed it up a bit and left it hanging on the sink for her. I don’t think it will be a great rag to wipe up anything as it was done with acrylic yarn. It might be better for scrubbing dishes or such. At any rate, I was excited to have learned the pattern, and because I learned it. I went out and bought a large skein of cotton yarn and now am knitting the real thing. Progress post in a day or so. Just saying….

Oh yes, the pattern I used was: Cast on 4. Row 1, knit 2 yarn over, (it means put the yarn to the front of your needle like you will purl, but instead put your needle in just as you do for a knit stitch. Because your yarn is in front you will have to wrap around to finish the knit stitch. As you do that, you create a loop on the right needle. Finish the row by knitting to the end. Row 2, starts with 5 stitches, knit 2 then do the yarn over and finish the row with knit. Row 3-?? Continue exactly as the first rows, always knit 2 then yarn over and finish the row by knitting. This gives you an increase of one on each stitch. I did this until I had 35 stitched. The suggestion was 45, but I wasn’t sure about how it would go so I stopped early. At this point it is time to decrease. This is a bit harder. All rows of decrease: Knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together. knit to the end. Do this until you are down to 4 stitches then cast off. Hope this makes sense.



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