Projects complete…next

Finished dishcloth

Finished dishcloth

So this version of the dishcloth is finished. I was disappointed in how the two ends are not exactly symmetrical. I guess I may just have to live with it. Perhaps it is best that I am making these to be given away. I don’t know who will be the lucky winner yet, but after I have a stack ready, they will have to disappear. That is my new phrase, “Make it disappear.” Love it. I tried that last night in church (Ash Wednesday), but it only worked a little. I brought some of the candles that I have been melting and re-molding to the service to use as decorations and then as gifts to those who attended. Some thought they should be left for the next few Wednesday evening services, but a few followed my orders to take them home. What they don’t know is that I will make more and keep replacing those that are taken. HAHA. For pictures of the candles and the service set up check out my post on lucindalines from today.

Finished hot pad

Finished hot pad

The other piece of needle work that I have been testing out is this Tunisian crochet piece. I just made it into a square and will likely use it as a hot pad. This one I plan to keep. Some how the sides are not straight. It is hard to see the warped sense of it on this picture because it isn’t blocked yet and it really wants to curl so I set some candles on the edges to hold it in place. I like this stitch, but it is much harder on my wrists than regular crochet or something that I would knit. I do like the hot pad idea in this stitch and may have to find more of the thicker yarn in my stash to make these. I also think this would be a great way to use up scraps of yarn that are knotted together. I think this stitch would be more forgiving and easier to hide the knots, and if you are using it as a pot holder or a hot pad, a knot or two here or there wouldn’t really be a big deal.

So what projects have you completed in the past week? I would love to hear what you are up to.


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