Sewing again

Nearly all connected.

Nearly all connected.

Hurrah! Hurrah!! I got my sewing machine back in action today. Amazing what happens when you clean out the fuzz and put in a new needle plus use some real thread. I had been using a universal needle and some extra cheap thread. Those things work fine on cotton material, but not so much on anything with a stretch. I have been trying for so long to sew up the t-shirt strips that I cut up to crochet a rag rug.

sewing the strips

sewing the strips

Finally today, I got all of it sewed together and rolled into one large ball so that I can get this thing crocheted.

I was having so much trouble with my machine, but as I said, a change in needles was a big part of fixing my stitching problems. I put in a size 12 Jersey needle and used a good quality thread. I am mostly so excited that the machine works as it should. I worked on another project that I am not quite ready to share, and it was really great to be able to just guide the material along while the machine did all the work. Oh and this rug is being made with the sleeves that Paulina cut off her t-shirts to be more comfortable in volleyball practice. One thing I would and will do in the future is run a seam down the side of the item before I cut it. I had problems with the original seems giving out as I pulled on it to make it stretch. Happy crocheting and sewing to all of you.


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