Paulina’s blanket

Paulina's volleyball blanket

Paulina’s volleyball blanket

This is the blanket that I gave Paulina for her big 21st birthday. She chose this piece of fleece a few years ago. I am thinking she was a senior in high school, she thinks it was earlier, I can’t say and don’t really care anymore. We had decided not to tie this one, but make a blanket that would be a little lighter in weight. I have been reading articles and pins about how to crochet around material, especially fleece in the past few months and decided to give it a try. Results were interesting. First I found that it isn’t that easy to poke through the fleece with a regular crochet hook. In fact it is pretty much impossible, so no yarn or regular size g, h, i or j like I normally use. Next I decided to try the crochet thread and a smaller sized needle.

Now it seemed that the thread was just too small and really wouldn’t give me the look I wanted. I also was having a time getting through the material, well brainstorm, let’s run the edge of the fleece under the sewing machine without any thread in it to make holes. I was convinced this was the ticket. I put the machine on my largest stitch length and ran the fleece through. Not a good plan. The very next time I tried to sew everything was jammed. Although this wasn’t completely the fault of the fleece, it sure didn’t help matters. I couldn’t use my sewing machine again until I took off the plate under the presser foot and cleaned out all of the fuzz. I suspect that it has been building up since 1984, and this was the final straw.

Eventually I came across a wonderful light weight yarn in my stash and a larger of the small sized thread crochet hooks. It happens to have a rather pointy top and works exactly as I needed it to. I have since this incident read about crochet hooks that are specifically made to do this, but have yet to locate one where I usually shop. We are headed out of town on Saturday, and I am hoping to find one at a fabric store then. In the meantime, I have another blanket to do for Jaxon. I figured since he doesn’t read my site, it is safe to tell about it. The fleece I am using for his is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just so Jessica doesn’t try to steel it from him. HA!

Sewing on the binding.

Sewing on the binding.

So, as you can see I only crocheted two sides of the fleece and put a binding on the other two sides. I maybe could have gotten by with a binding that wasn’t quite as wide, but I think it works ok on this blanket. The reason I did two of each was that the fleece has so much give on two of the sides that the crochet work looked funny to me, so I put the binding on that side. It was fairly easy to do that, and I love how the machine works since I have cleaned it, changed the needle to a jersey knit needle and put in a good quality thread. I cannot recommend those three steps nearly enough. It saved me from purchasing a new machine and from spending big bucks on a professional cleaner, though it probably will be a good idea to do that sometime in the near future.

More information on Paulina’s blanket and her birthday can be found on my lucindalines site.


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