On the needles

Three of my four projects

Three of my four projects

My inability to focus on one thing at a time is really coming forward in my knitting lately. I currently have four projects going. I blame part of it on how different projects affect my hands, but in reality the issue is getting bored with an easy stitch. The project that is easiest and the one I should finish and get it over with is the yellow scarf. I am working this on size 15 needles with two strands of yarn in a stocking net stitch. It really takes no thought at all to do, so sadly I find it rather boring. I also have not figured out where it is going, so there is no hurry to get it finished. I took the picture on my cutting board so you can see the current length.

Close up of the loom piece.

Close up of the loom piece and the second ear flap is started. I will post that pattern when it looks more like a cap.

The other projects shown in the picture above include the first flap of a maroon beanie. I am super excited about that project because it is something new for me to learn and will be a challenge. The other project is a loom knitting. I have a closer look at that. I am just doing a tube as a test piece and am trying to see if different wraps cause stitches to look differently, so far I think I have found one that is slightly different, but for now I am using a simple “e” wrap and seeing where this goes. I am thinking it might end up as a leg warmer. Hmmm that means I will probably need a second one.

Dishcloth in progress and finished.

Dishcloth in progress and finished.

At the beginning I did say four projects and only showed you three. I had sort of forgotten that the fourth one is already off the needles and I will start a new one of them soon. I have been working on seeing how many dish cloths you can make from a spool of cotton yarn. Here is what I have been doing in that area. I actually took the one on the needles off and started over with one of the “cast on 4 and do the yarn over increase and decrease” Those are more interesting to do that the simple “knit the edges with stocking net in the middle.” Why is it I can’t just do the easy? Now if I could just figure out the patterns for a sock, I might have a challenge. No, please don’t try to help me, I have to figure this out for myself, and watching the rest of you knit via what you post on our blogs is starting to sink in. I will post when I finally get it.

TMNT fleece

TMNT fleece

In the meantime, I believe that the knitting needles will have to go to bed for a few days. I have a grandson who is in need of a grandma blanket for his sixth birthday. I plan to crochet the stiff edges and bind the stretchy edges of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fleece that I picked up just before Christmas. I will confess that I originally picked up this print for David, but I think he will be better with a different one. Jaxon is a bit more of a Ninja at this time. He has started little kids wrestling and is now experiencing leg cramps and sore muscles and tired body, and we all love it. No better way to channel a willful busy child than with an activity. As a coach, I can’t stress how much I think a good (mind I mean well run and not over the top pushy) athletic program is for young people. If run properly it can give them a challenge and purpose, and in some cases a method to pull themselves out of a dismal situation. OK, enough of my preaching for the day. Have a Happy Crafty Day!, and please share with us what is on your needles.


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