Jaxon’s blanket

Jaxon's TMNT blanket.

Jaxon’s TMNT blanket.

I didn’t give you all of the steps when I showed you Paulina’s blanket, so I thought I would show off a few more of the pieces as I do up Jaxon’s. First off the final wrapped up product. Victoria seemed to think that he would prefer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pattern to the Cars one. I guess that means David or Ana will get the Cars one. Maybe David will be good with the dinosaurs. I think those would be nice for him. So to get the blanket to tie up in a neat bow, I laid it out and folded it in half the long way, twice. Next I rolled it up and tied it with a sating ribbon. I will show him how to do this, but not so sure it will happen after he opens it. It is not very large, but just about right to wrap up a small boy standing in his wrestling singlet and maybe shivering. It is actually about the perfect size for a cape. Ha!!

Crochet the edges

Crochet the edges

So, here is where it starts. I forgot to do it with the TMNT fleece, so am showing it with the Cars one. I find that you can crochet only on two sides, at least that is what I do. Two sides are really stretchy and the other two are stiffer, so I crochet the stiffer sides and bind the stretchy ones. Here is the crochet business. Using a thin yarn and small needle that is pointy, I put in a double crochet. Sometimes I am not able to get the hook through the fleece, so a little poke with the long end of the seam ripper works well. I didn’t trim off this one quite as far as I should have, but I was looking for the extra length, and it isn’t that critical to have the edge off.

First stitch of the binding.

First stitch of the binding.

For Jaxon’s blanket, I wanted a thinner binding, but black like Paulina’s. Since I had some left over from her project, I decided to split it. This worked very well and gave me enough, the only thing was that I had to do a little ironing. I began by sewing the opened binding to the right side of the fleece. I made a seem of about 1/8 of an inch. It was narrow, but secure.

Pressed edge

Pressed edge

Next I laid it out on the ironing board and steamed it open. Since I had split it there was no pressed seam to fold it over, so I had to turn the binding over at about another 1/8 inch and press it. Then I turned that under along the fleece and pressed it down.

Final stitches

Final stitches

To finish it up, I went back to the machine and with a zigzag stitch sewed the binding down. It was great how it caught on both sides. I did a simple fold under on the edges, nothing fancy. I am sure good quilters could figure out how to make a fancy edge at the end, but this was fine for me. I was more concerned on it being secure so that little hands wont be able to pull it apart, so I did forward and backward at the ends a few times.


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