Empty containers

Clean jars. I threw a ball of yarn into one just to show what it can be.

Clean jars. I threw a ball of yarn into one just to show what it can be.

Plastic storage container.

Plastic storage container.

Not much has been completed this week, except the candle mess has been put away. All of the jars that can be have been emptied and the wax has been melted and transferred into candles of various types. I have shown pictures of completed candles with a detailed write-up of how to do it earlier on this blog. Today, I am showing off the cleaned jars that will soon be part of the sorting and storing of the various beads and costume jewelry that I acquired over the years that will need to be converted into something useful in the near future. I don’t have a firm time line, but I am thinking that one to two years is all that I will be giving these items then they will have to be moved on. On the other hand, I know that I can only make so many things in the time allotted, so some things will happen. For now, I am happy that I have cleaned out the candles and that by doing so, the clean jars are now new sources of storage. We also found the yellow organizer this morning when we were digging around for some toys for Ana. No sense for that to hang out empty in a box of old toys when I can make good use of it. This goes back to my frugal motto a few years ago when I decided to “shop at home” before I wrote it on a list and went to the store for anything. This includes the ingredients for supper. By the way, for a story on what toys we found for Ana that story will be posted on lucindalines tomorrow. So, what have you cleaned out lately, and what have you done with the containers???? Share, please.


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