Ana’s pictures

Ana's family on grandma's swing set.

Ana’s family on grandma’s swing set. From left to right there is: Mama, Ana, David, Jaxon and Papa.


Animals: Left to right, Pig, duck (top) cat (bottom) and rabbit.

I have been posting about my granddaughter Ana’s time with us on my other site: lucindalines, but today I am posting about her here. One of our days together last week, I dug up some scratch paper and a few crayons for her to play. I drew her some really rough looking pictures and let her color them. Paulina thinks I should write her a little book and illustrate it. I learned these drawings from my mother. I wish now I had paid better attention. There were tricks in how the country school teachers in her day taught certain drawing techniques. I learned the pig from my country school teacher and it has always been fun to pass this on to children, whether my own or in schools where I taught. So the pig if you look closely is done by writing a capital E for the nose, an M for the ears and two W’s for the feet. Connect all the letters then stick a lowercase “e” for the tail. I know there was a trick like that for the duck, but I never fully learned it, just that “W” for the wing. I used to do little cats all the time on brooms with witches flying through the night. I was great at Halloween pictures in middle school and high school, maybe that is why Victoria likes that holiday, maybe it is genetic. At any rate, it was fun to have Ana for the week, and hopefully she will stop again and do more of her own pictures for us in the future.


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