Melting crayons

Crayons turned into circles.

Crayons turned into circles.

For quite sometime I have been wanting to melt down some old crayons to give them purpose again. I always see pins about how this is done, and figured it can’t be that hard. Well, let me tell you those pins that say to use a silicone baking sheet are correct. Do NOT try to do it with paper liners in a metal cupcake pan. I ended up with wax melting through the single layer and had a bit of a time getting the wax out of the bottom of the pan. In fact, I still have some scrubbing to do before I will be comfortable baking food in that pan. I will probably use metal liners the first time I use it just to be safe.

Crayons in liquid form

Crayons in liquid form

The new crayons that came from my experiment are actually pretty nifty, and I won’t say that I will never try this again, but I will likely buy a silicone pan and designate it only for crayons and use some neat shape like stars or hearts. The pictures in this post are the result of my efforts. It didn’t take long to sort and fill the cups, and the really interesting thing was that the colors melted all together with the different tones separating themselves as they hardened. I thought that was really interesting. The other part that wasn’t so good was the smell that it left in the house. I would not do this when there are children around. This is all I know for today. What have you been up to??


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