Beanie finished, nearly

Finished beanie

Finished beanie

I finally finished, well almost, the beanie with flaps that I have been working on it. It turned out better than I had hoped, but is rather small, so the next one, I will do a few more rounds and take more time to decrease. I am not sure that I will be giving any more away to the team. James found beanies with ear flaps in a catalogue and that is what all of the track athletes are getting for doing the fund raiser. Oh well, good reason to be out of a task, only problem is I just picked up more yarn and have started on my next one. Maybe the younger athletes who weren’t in on the fund raiser will still need a beanie.

Skirt material

Skirt material

I also picked up three types of material last week. We made it to Bismarck a little early for the luncheon and awards ceremony for Jessica. It was a nice time, and I cried a little when they gave her the friends of public employees legislature award. I just kept thinking how proud my mother would be to have seen her give that acceptance speech. It was spot on.

As for the material to the right, I liked the light color, James liked the dark color and I threw the blue and black in for the price. After I got to the checkout, I found out the blue and black is swimsuit material. Oh my, not sure if I am still making a skirt with it. I do need to get on those other two though. I am about tired of the ones that I keep rotating around for Sundays. Hmmmm, perhaps my goal could be the annual meeting the first week of June. Now that might be a plan.

So, what do you have in the works??


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