Next beanie and some leg warmers

With my flapped up beanie off the needles, I figured it was time to start another one. I still haven’t added the strings to the first one so that I can count it as officially completed, but o-well. It has been relegated to the box of items to be completed. I sometimes feel bad for those items, it seems it takes such a long time to reappear from that container.

Next beanie

Next beanie

At this time, I have another beanie with flaps on the needles. This time I combined the flaps with the walking rib pattern along with a few color changes. I hope it turns out as nice as I envisioned it going in. I picked up this new type of yarn a couple of weeks ago. Mostly I bought it because it was the color I needed in a huge skein. After I got it home, I realized how soft it is. Usually acrylic yarn is a little stiff. Not this stuff, it is great, and I think that will make the beanie really nice to the touch.

Leg warmers knit on the board

Leg warmer knit on the board

The project I should be paying more attention to is knitting on the board. I know this is a board for making socks, and that is why the stitches are really so small, but I am trying to do this larger thing for me to use around the house in the winter, but it just seems I am not getting anywhere fast with this. Maybe I was right to put off purchasing this board. I would love to hear what other board knitters feel about making things on the board. I think my biggest problem is not being able to figure out the patterns that well, and so I am a bit hesitant to jump in on some things.

Well Happy knitting to you all!!


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