Another church quilt finished

Quilt for graduation

Quilt for graduation

A few ladies joined me at church last a few Wednesday’s ago and we finished up the tying of this quilt. The question in Susan Glaspell’s drama, “Trifles,” was something like, “Was she going to quilt it or knot it?” This was asked by the sheriff who thought women’s items were of no use to look at for evidence and they gave the clear motive for the woman hanging her husband as he slept in their bed. I loved that play, but this is getting me off topic. It is just that I cannot look at a quilt without thinking of that play. I just loved reading it with my sophomores. That was the year I always devoted the most time to plays. For some reason it seems they responded to them better at that age.

So, as for the church quilt. It wasn’t quite finished last year when we were out of time for this project. We put this one away and another to finish this year when we got back together. Now we have had a call for donations for gifts for the seniors of the community at an overnight lock in. The small communities in this area have been doing these sort of night to prevent the young people from going out and partying and drinking and getting into car accidents. It is a sad reason they started these programs, but the gesture of sending them off with nice gifts is a nice idea.

Anyway, this is the quilt that we knotted. It was ready to go and all we had to do was stitch the thread through and tie a couple of knots in them. We used heavy crochet thread instead of yarn. It should have been easier, but we found that the sheet on the bottom was almost impenetrable. We have decided no more brand new tight weave sheets. You need a bit larger weave for this project, just a tip for anyone else who might be doing this. This quilt was also a bit different because it wasn’t in blocks. Normally we put the tie in the middle of the block. This time I used a guide and marked the spots to stitch with a pencil. The picture is of the quilt after I washed it to get the markings off. I was pleased that they washed out fairly easily.

This is all for now. I also have posted new on my lucindagardens and lucindalines sites, please stop by for a gander!!


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